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A Reliable Solution to Measure Chlorine in Catalyst by UOP 979

Refiners can optimise their catalyst quality by measuring metals in crude and then assess the payoff by measuring chlorine trends in the catalysts. Learn about a reliable solution to determine total chlorides in catalysts by UOP 979.

Published on the 01 May 2020

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Process applications of a phase fluorometric oxygen analyzer

In this white paper, Barben Analytical explore the operational characteristics, performance and applications of a phase fluorometric oxygen analyzer.

Published on the 04 March 2020

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Optimise catalyst efficiency by monitoring chlorine with Petra MAX

Refiners optimise their catalyst quality by measuring metals in crude then assess the payoff of those optimisations in real-time.

Published on the 03 March 2020

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Creating petrochemical opportunities through bottom of the barrel conversion (Middle East)

Globally, the demand for transportation fuels could reach its peak in the coming decade. Middle Eastern refiners are seeing demand growth for fuels soften, particularly for the export market, and demand growth for petrochemicals is increasing. Forward-looking refiners are branching out into petrochemicals to unlock new value and ensure continued profitable growth. The key to unlocking these opportunities in petrochemicals lies in stepwise investments in new process technology with advanced molecular management.

Published on the 17 February 2020

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How to Fix a Friendship Gone Sour: Russia, Organic Chlorides, and Improved Method Precision

Cl-contaminated crude oil causes corrosion in refining equipment and pipelines. Learn about a solution to obtain organic chloride concentrations in crude oil with increased precision and efficiency.

Published on the 03 January 2020

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Understanding the Effects of Silicon Contamination

Refiners throughout the petroleum and biofuels industry are taking a closer look at the dangers of silicon in gasoline and ethanol. Read XOS' whitepaper to understand the effects of silicon contamination in the refining process.

Published on the 05 November 2019

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Conquer the Challenges: How petroleum refineries can meet today’s challenges with improved performance catalysts

Process more challenging feeds and maintain or increase middle distillate yield and quality, with flexibility and cost containment.

Published on the 07 October 2019

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A Comparison of Chlorine Levels in Aromatics Using MWDXRF and Microcoulometry

Read this whitepaper to compare study results for total chlorine levels using MWDXRF vs. microcoulometry.

Published on the 01 October 2019

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