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ADSORBENTS: What Are they? How Do They work?

The key properties of adsorbents are: internal surface area, pore size, surface chemistry, and particle size. In this webinar, Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. describe these properties in detail and discuss how they are used to make adsorbents separate molecules to achieve our goals in various process industries.


Identify upsets in the SRU feed earlier, to protect the entire system from unplanned downtime or bypass situations

Sulfur recovery units (SRU) continue to be critically important operating systems in hydrocarbon, petrochemical, and steel plants. A real time measurement of key chemical components entering the SRU has been implemented at many plants globally, but not universally accepted. Watch AMETEK's on demand webinar and discover why experienced professionals continue to recommend this measurement, with counterpoints to concerns that have been raised.


Passive Fire Protection in Industrial Applications

The processing and storage of flammable liquids and gases poses significant fire risk for facilities. Proper insulation systems can help safeguard personnel and protect industrial systems. During this webinar, you will learn about design considerations and how thermal insulation can provide passive fire protection on industrial process piping and equipment.

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