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View technical webinars from the downstream sector.

Mastering Hose Selection in Your Facility

Hose failures are unfortunately a very common source of equipment downtime and can create significant safety risks, so it is important to treat hoses as critical equipment and handle their selection accordingly. This webinar will teach you how.


A pipeline partnership to accelerate carbon neutrality with carbon capture

The amount of CO2 captured is set to increase by 800 million t over the next 10 years driven by improvements in technology and advancements in policy. To meet this scale up, 70 - 100 projects are needed each year through 2050. To get there, a rapid deployment of currently available technology will be necessary. This webinar will provide an overview of the technology and recent developments.


WirelessHART Gas Detection - A Proven Way to Enhance Plant Safety

In this webinar, United Electric Controls will discuss the evolution of wireless technology in process control and monitoring applications, examines what barriers have restrained its usage in safety applications, and explores how the technology has changed, making its acceptance grow in recent years.

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