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View technical webinars from the downstream sector.


Passive Fire Protection in Industrial Applications

The processing and storage of flammable liquids and gases poses significant fire risk for facilities. Proper insulation systems can help safeguard personnel and protect industrial systems. During this webinar, you will learn about design considerations and how thermal insulation can provide passive fire protection on industrial process piping and equipment.


Innovative Fibrous Catalyst Support - The Future of Catalysis

Watch this webinar as Unifrax reviews data from various lab studies showing the benefits of its new substrate, FlexCat, which is a groundbreaking catalyst support for use in a wide range of petrochemical applications including purification and abatement.

Critical Monitoring of Chlorine: An Interactive Webinar

Interested in learning more about chlorine contamination and its impact on refinery streams? Watch this interactive discussion and Q&A around the effect of chlorine (Cl) on production and storage processes for a range of products, including crude, biofuels, catalyst, and pyrolysis oils.

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