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The environment

UN recognises spill technology

A green chemistry technology has been recognised for its potential to transform treatment for oil and petrochemical spills.

API: legislative RFS reform needed

The API has reacted to the US Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit’s decision not to uphold the EPA’s authority to exercise its waiver to lower the RFS.


New additive hands biodiesel the win

A new additive has handed biodiesel the win as The California Air Resource Board announce it will enable the production of the cleanest liquid fuel in the US.

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Advancing research in biomass conversion

ExxonMobil and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have announced their intentions to advance research into the conversion of biomass into transportation fuel.

Fuel Tech awarded APC orders

Fuel Tech has announced it has been awarded air pollution control orders totalling US$5 million.

Cielo awarded permit to proceed

Cielo has announced the approval of a development permit to proceed with their refinery that converts rubbish into high grade renewable diesel.