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Special reports

Time for a retrofit?

Nathan Hill, CALGAVIN, UK, discusses how to increase product retention through retrofitting condensers.


AFPM Guest Comment – March 2023

The March 2023 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering began with a Guest Comment from the President and CEO of the AFPM, Chet Thompson.


Securing the modern attack surface

Bernard Montel, Tenable, France, discusses the ways in which organisations can protect their assets from the threat of cyberattacks, even when faced with mounting financial pressures.



Navigating green pathways

Craig Martin, Paul Modern and Juan Moreno, Cook Compression, explore two potential pathways to decarbonisation for energy companies.


Facing decarbonisation

William I.Y. Byun, ChemOne Group, Singapore, presents a new perspective on the petrochemical industry, as it tackles decarbonisation.


Glancing back, looking forward

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, reflects on happenings in Central and South America’s downstream oil and gas sector in 2022, and forecasts what lies ahead for the region.

More Special reports news

A guide to protecting cooling systems

Jesse E. Stamp, ExxonMobil, alongside Eric Zubovic and Dr. Paul Frail, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, detail how cooling water copper corrosion passivation technology improves asset and environmental protection when compared to traditional azole-based programmes.

Refining in the energy transition through 2040

A report from McKinsey & Co. explains why the size of the global refining industry varies dramatically across different energy transition scenarios by 2040.

The Middle East’s downstream scene

Johnny Stewart, Wood Mackenzie, UAE, discusses the current state of the downstream oil and gas sector in the Middle East, and addresses the region’s capacity to keep up with the global energy transition.