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Special reports


A sample of what’s to come

Sentry Equipment Corp. outlines how to correctly sample steam and water in hydrocarbon processing plants.

Europe dominates LNG import story in 2019

Global LNG production jumped in 2019, triggering oversupply and low prices that are expected to persist in 2020, according to Ed Cox, Editor, Global LNG at ICIS.

From threat to opportunity

Ron Beck, AspenTech, USA, explains how refiners can optimise their position in a post IMO 2020 world.


Precious water

Tomer Efrat, IDE Technologies, Israel, analyses the unique water needs of the oil and gas sector, and the technologies available to quench this thirst.


Transforming sustainability

AspenTech explore how digital transformation enables sustainability in asset-intensive industries.

US set to be energy independent

Rystad Energy has claimed that the US is months away from full energy independence, forecasting production outstripping demand by 2030.

More Special reports news

Staying competitive in the process industry

How can smarter software solutions help the oil and gas industry continue to reduce costs and to remain competitive and improve asset performance?