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Special reports


Evaluating risks and diversifying economies

Gord Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the state of the refining and petrochemical sector in the MENA region and reveals how countries are looking to tap into the green fuels sector.


Facilitating the transition

Dr Chris Mills, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, UK, discusses how flow measurement will play a fundamental role in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).


Navigating cybersecurity challenges

Paul Evans, Nozomi Networks, discusses the challenges faced by the downstream oil and gas industry as it embraces digitisation.


Reducing environmental impact

Andrew Hubbell, CITGO, Brandon Burns, Shell Energy and Chemicals, and Victor Batarseh, W.R. Grace & Co., explain how the environmental impact of FCCs can be reduced with wet gas scrubbers by implementing SOx additive.

More Special reports news

US markets: unseen recovery

Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses US economic recovery, the gradual control of fuel prices and the long-term oil market outlook.

A necessary culture shift

Tim Gale, 1898 & Co., reveals why a change in the culture of engineering is required to achieve security of industrial control systems.

Facilitating and quantifying industry improvements

Colin Frazier, American Petroleum Institute (API), explains how the API’s Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP®) can help hydrocarbon processing plants improve the safety of operations.

KBC paves the way for a sustainable future

Rolando Gabarron and Michelle Wicmandy, KBC – A Yokogawa Company, explain how advanced digital technologies and cloud solutions streamline oil operations.