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Special reports


Construction contract strategies post COVID-19

While contracts generally contemplate foreseeable contingencies, they are unlikely to have made allowance for the pandemic outbreak and its far-reaching impact in the absence of any recent and related experience.


Safety in numbers

Brian Bain, Zoe Wattis and Carol Humphreys, DNV GL – Oil & Gas, champion the use of historical data to provide process leak frequency estimates.


IEEFA releases hydrogen report

The new IEEFA report forecasts the demand for green hydrogen to reach 8.7 million tpy by 2030.

More Special reports news

Tightening the bolts

Hydratight presents the case for bolting in petrochemical processing.

From recovery to reuse

Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, examine the efficiency of sulfur’s differing routes to global markets.

Bridging the RSR compliance gap - Part Two

Mike Viator and Brian Fowler, Environmental Systems Corp. (ESC) | Spectrum redefine refineries RSR compliance strategy using a data acquisition system and alternative 131.

EIA: gasoline demand increased in May

Demand for motor gasoline increased in May as many US states began to relax stay-at-home orders, but demand for jet fuel continued to decline because of reduced commercial air travel.

GlobalData comments on BP transition

Will Scargill, Managing Oil & Gas Analyst at GlobalData, says that BP's transition to an integrated energy company will require "significant movements in the M&A market, if it is to be delivered in the targeted timeframe."