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Special reports


Process safety targets: planning to fail

Dr Jason Shirley, ECP Energy & Chemical Professionals, UAE, explains the challenges and the importance of setting suitable process safety metrics.


Sound suppression

Bill Flowers, Emerson, USA, explains the history behind the development of the modal suppression device for noise reduction.


Embracing condition-based calibration

Gordon Lindsay, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, UK, makes the case for downstream facility operators switching from time-based calibrations to automated and intelligently lead condition-based calibrations on devices such as flow meters.


Secure terminal tanks with floating roof overspill prevention

Equipment failure is one of the most common causes of floating roof tank overflow. The only thing worse than a failing instrument is not knowing that the instrument is not functioning. AMETEK Process Instruments' SIL2 certified instruments offer a solution.

Self-calibrating technology

MSA introduces a technology that can lower the cost of ownership with sensor performance and less maintenance.


Hydrocarbon Engineering spotlight with Magma Catalysts

Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Senior Editor, Callum O’Reilly, recently sat down with Gary Bennington, Business Development Manager, Magma Catalysts, and Tom Ventham, Sales and Technical, Unicat and G.W. Aru LLC, to discuss their article from the March 2021 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering.

More Special reports news

Gaining insight into murky waters

Allison Buenemann, Seeq Corp., USA, describes how advanced analytics can be used to optimise product transitions.

Another step towards digitalisation

Meraj Khan, Axis Communications, UAE, outlines the growing role of digitalisation and automation in flare monitoring systems.

Radiometric measurements

Sabrina Nees, Berthold Technologies, Germany, presents solutions for an array of challenging level measurement tasks.