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Special reports


A coordinated strategy

Emerson outlines how the right instruments and system components combined with an effective strategy can help protect industrial plants and facilities.


Evolutionary forces

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores Europe’s evolving energy needs and the new opportunities for infrastructure that are being created.


Drilling deeper

ABB Measurement & Analytics explains how the growth of digital technologies in industrial applications is enabling oil and gas operators to get more from their measurement device data, helping to reduce the risk and cost of mismeasurements in custody transfer applications.


IEA: Energy investment falls

According to the IEA’s new report, the Covid-19 pandemic will cause global investment to fall dramatically in every major energy sector, including the oil and gas industry.


Detecting danger

Dräger explains how new gas detection technology can measure dangerous gases more accurately by isolating volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


A whole new level of understanding

Graham Barker, Tracerco, UK, outlines the important role measurement has in controlling refinery feedstock composition in the desalter.


Getting to the root of the problem

Lance Bisinger, T.A. Cook Consultants Inc., USA, explains why it is essential to establish the root cause of why a piece of equipment may be negatively impacting throughput at a processing facility.


Maintenance 101

Randy Cruse, Sentry Equipment Corp., USA, reveals how to develop a reliable hydrocarbon sampling programme.