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UOP technologies used for emissions control

Hengli Petrochemical will use Honeywell’s advanced flare and burner technologies to control emissions at a refinery and petrochemicals complex.

The importance of industrial heaters

Circulation heaters, flanged heaters and industrial immersion heaters are an important product of many industries.


BASF introduces FCC catalyst

BASF has announced the launch of a new FCC catalyst for heavy resid oil feedstock applications for the refining market.

Haldor Topsoe launches new catalyst

Haldor Topsoe has launched a new catalyst, offering sulfuric acid plant operators an effective way to achieve compliance with emissions standards.

FCC units drive profits, says Grace

Grace will provide an overview on how refineries can increase the profitability of fluid catalytic cracking operations by maximising the production of propylene.

More Product news news

Flow-Cal launches new service

Flow-Cal has launched a new cloud based service to deliver on-demand measurement calculations.