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The latest downstream news

Creating a refinery of the future

Miro Cavkov, Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC), discusses how refineries are adapting to produce cleaner liquid fuels and chemical building blocks.

API: natural gas essential for global energy needs

Following the G7 summit in Japan, and ahead of the G20, COP28 and other international events, a coalition of organisations from across the global natural gas industry released a joint statement.


Upcoming hydrocarbon events


Downstream USA

07 Jun 2023 - 08 Jun 2023

Galveston Island Convention Centre, 5600 Seawll Blvd, Galveston, Texas, 77551, United States

Global Energy Show 2023

13 Jun 2023 - 15 Jun 2023

BMO Centre at Stampede Park
20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1, Canada


SABIC publishes Sustainability Report

SABIC has released its 2022 Sustainability Report, which highlights the company’s continued efforts in driving sustainability through collaboration and innovation.


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