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The latest downstream news

API welcomes House action

The API has welcomed action by the US House of Representatives to bolster US energy infrastructure.

Venture Global LNG hires new CCO

Venture Global LNG has announced it has hired Total S.A.'s LNG business lead as its new Chief Commercial Officer.


Water Standard Management signs MOU

Water Standard Management has announced it has signed an MOU with Sorbwater Technology to offer affordable, green chemistry for oil-in-water separation solutions.


Vaquero Midstream to expand plant

Vaquero Midstream has announced it is increasing its bank revolver to expand its processing capacity and gathering footprint in the Southern Delaware Basin.

More hydrocarbon news updates

AG&P Engineering launched

AG&P has launched AG&P Engineering Inc. in the US to drive expansion in the LNG industry.


BCCK enters into EPC

BCCK Holding Co. has announced it has entered into an EPC contract with Blue Mountain Midstream to construct a new gas processing facility.


CPC Taoyuan starts up SRUs

CPC Taoyuan has started up its sulfur recovery units with technology supplied by DuPont Clean Technologies to help reduce the environmental impact.


Advancing research in biomass conversion

ExxonMobil and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have announced their intentions to advance research into the conversion of biomass into transportation fuel.


Expander receives AER approval

Expander Energy has announced it has received Alberta Energy Regulator approval to build Canada’s first commercial gas-to-liquids plant.


LINN Energy announces cryogenic plant

LINN Energy has announced it has been renamed to Blue Mountain Midstream LLC and will begin construction of a cryogenic plant in the heart of the merge.


Upcoming hydrocarbon events


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