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The latest downstream news

FEnEx CRC: LNG can support the hydrogen sector

A study by researchers from the Future Energy Exports Cooperative Research Centre (FEnEx CRC) has confirmed the potential for LNG and its infrastructure to act as an accelerator for the emerging global hydrogen economy.

LYTT partners with AWS

LYTT and AWS have collaborated to enrich and scale LYTT’s sensor fusion insights platform using AWS’ cloud infrastructure, in order to support the energy sector and water utilities.


Upcoming hydrocarbon events


AspenTech rebrands one of its business units

AspenTech has combined its AIoT Hub with inmation Software to create an expanded business unit, AspenTech DataWorks, which provides customers with a singular solution to access and manage industrial data.


Repsol invests in the circular economy

Repsol is progressing toward its goal of promoting the use of circular materials by starting up a new production line for recycled plastics at its Puertollano Industrial Complex in Spain.


Navigating green pathways

Craig Martin, Paul Modern and Juan Moreno, Cook Compression, explore two potential pathways to decarbonisation for energy companies.


LOTTE INEOS to build new VAM plant

LOTTE INEOS Chemical has announced plans to build a third vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) production plant in South Korea.


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