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Special reports


Laser spectacular

Colin Pittman, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Ltd, UK, examines the use of laser scanning technology in the downstream storage industry, and how it aids in high accuracy tank calibration.


Quest Integrity: Lessons learned

A North American operator contacted Quest Integrity in May of 2016 to provide an emergency inspection on tubing coils in a reboiler heater using Quest Integrity’s Furnace Tube Inspection System.


Blast resistant designs

Dynamic Air Shelters outlines the important features of a blast resistant structure.


A win for flow control

Paul Root, Goodwin International Ltd, UK, outlines a new design concept for axial isolation and control valves to improve flow management in oil and gas applications.


Three steps to cloud security

Manufacturing facilities are leading the list of potential targets for cyber espionage, denial of service (DoS) and web-application attacks.


Tackling petrochemical challenges

Michael Hinton, Allegro Development, explains how Dow Chemical is preparing for today’s, and tomorrow’s, petrochemical challenges.