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Special reports


IEA discusses clean energy post Covid-19

IEA explores the effects of Covid-19 on the energy industry in a series of reports, ranging from the decline in fuel prices to hydropower generation in Africa.


AFPM: preparing for hurricane season during COVID-19

In a recent blog post on the AFPM website, Jeff Gunnulfsen, Senior Director, Security and Risk Management for AFPM, looks at the challenges of preparing for hurricane season during a pandemic.


The great white north

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains the potential and the challenges for the oil and gas industry at the top of North America.


Refinery hydrogen from petcoke gasification

Stephen B. Harrison, Principal, Germany at Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, explains why gasification is increasingly being used on refineries to process petcoke, a heavy residue from coking units.


On the road again

SkyBitz examines a case study in which efficient tracking of tank locations and fuel levels was essential to meet variations in customer demand.


Alternative technologies to produce alternative fuels

Regina Chislova, Project Director of Petrochemical and Refining Congress PRC Europe 2020, discusses the promising innovations for alternative fuels production and how to make it even more sustainable.


CCS requires pure carbon dioxide

Stephen B. Harrison, Principal, Germany at Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, explains why purity is a critical issue when carbon dioxide is pumped underground in carbon capture and storage (CCS).


Return-to-work Q&A with AFPM safety team

The AFPM safety team discuss how the fuel and petrochemical industries are evolving their safety practices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


A coordinated strategy

Emerson outlines how the right instruments and system components combined with an effective strategy can help protect industrial plants and facilities.


Evolutionary forces

Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explores Europe’s evolving energy needs and the new opportunities for infrastructure that are being created.