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Download technical white papers from the downstream industry.


Understanding the Effects of Silicon Contamination

Refiners throughout the petroleum and biofuels industry are taking a closer look at the dangers of silicon in gasoline and ethanol. Read XOS' whitepaper to understand the effects of silicon contamination in the refining process.

Published on the 05 November 2019

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Conquer the Challenges: How petroleum refineries can meet today’s challenges with improved performance catalysts

Process more challenging feeds and maintain or increase middle distillate yield and quality, with flexibility and cost containment.

Published on the 07 October 2019

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A Comparison of Chlorine Levels in Aromatics Using MWDXRF and Microcoulometry

Read this whitepaper to compare study results for total chlorine levels using MWDXRF vs. microcoulometry.

Published on the 01 October 2019

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Are You Ready for ASTM D8252 – New Ni & V Method Using XRF?

Download XOS' method brief to learn more about ASTM D8252 - new Ni and V XRF method, and how Petra MAX is a viable solution to ensure compliance while offering nickel and vanadium analysis in less than 5 minutes.

Published on the 03 September 2019

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S, Ni, V and Fe Analysis of Crude Oil

Download XOS's app note to learn how Petra MAX delivers simultaneous trace metals and ASTM D4294 or ISO 8754 analysis of sulfur, in a single measurement.

Published on the 02 August 2019

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Increasing Unit Profitability by Improving Diesel Yields and Cloud Point

With changes to MARPOL specs & increases in diesel prices, this paper explains concepts for diesel refiners to consider and presents studies of UOP catalysts HC 120 and HC 425 to maximise production.

Published on the 29 July 2019

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Real-Time Total Chlorine Monitoring to Ensure Optimal Desalter Performance

Learn how Clora Online provides an effective tool for salt content monitoring and serves as an important process control tool for chlorine content in desalted crude and other process streams further downstream in the refinery process.

Published on the 01 July 2019

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Vibration Monitoring of Cooling Towers

Catastrophic failure of a cooling tower can bring serious consequences to plant business operations. Measuring key vibration parameters and analysing vibration data from a cooling tower are important actions to be taken to help protect assets.

Published on the 26 June 2019

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