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Download technical white papers from the downstream industry.


A path to the future through holistic and integrated solutions

In this white paper, you will gain a glimpse into the collaborative mindset Shell Catalysts & Technologies adopts when approaching energy transition challenges.

Published on the 04 May 2021

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A Connected Work Checklist for EHSQ Managers and Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry

Intelex is excited to share with you the Connected Work Checklist for EHSQ Leaders and Practitioners in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Published on the 15 April 2021

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Simple, Fast, and Accurate Chlorine Analysis in VGO and VLSFO

MWDXRF, a version of X-ray Fluorescence, is becoming an increasingly more common alternative to microcoulometry for the measurement of chlorine in VGO and VLSFO. Learn more in this white paper from XOS.

Published on the 09 March 2021

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The Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

Helping heavy industries, refiners and resource holders to meet their net-zero-emission ambitions through the integration of proven technologies for affordable greenfield blue hydrogen production.

Published on the 01 March 2021

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A Better Way to Plant-Wide Optimization

Trying to apply the standard APC technologies or alternative rigorous modeling techniques to multi-unit optimisation has proved difficult as the problem scale is increased. The performance, veracity and maintainability of these ambitious and well-intentioned solutions suffer. To be successful, one needs a new approach. This paper examines one such approach, Honeywell Forge APC Plant-Wide Optimizer.

Published on the 01 February 2021

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Using Continuous Helical Flow to Reduce Fouling

Fouling is one of the costliest recurring problems in hydrocarbon processing, and hits process heaters and heat exchangers the hardest. The paper describes how helical flow technology can reduce ‘hotspots’ and dead zones that produce fouling.

Published on the 01 December 2020

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Rapid and Accurate Analysis of Sulfur and Chlorine in Biofuels by X-ray Fluorescence

XRF delivers rapid and accurate results for testing sulfur and chlorine in biofuels. Read this white paper to learn about a viable solution to measure both elements concurrently with one instrument.

Published on the 01 November 2020

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Are You Sitting on Untapped Potential?

Has your reactor shown signs of fouling, high pressure drop, thermal maldistribution, or a shorter than expected cycle length? Learn how new reactor internals can be used to enhance profitability.

Published on the 30 October 2020

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