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Crude-to-Chemicals (CTC): a Straight-Forward Route for a Strategic Turn

There is no choice for the refining industry but to increase the conversion yield to maximise the chemicals yield, by building advanced integrated complex schemes, the ultimate integration degree being the grassroots Crude-to-Chemicals (CTC) complex.

The downstream oil and gas industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation driven by shifting dynamics in the markets for petrochemicals at the expense of transportation fuels.

Crude-to-Chemicals (CTC) complexes are designed to manufacture in the same dynamics the coveted High-Value Chemicals (HVCs), consisting of major intermediates of petrochemicals, and clean fuels in line with ever stringer environmental specifications, while generating improved profitability.

The performance of technology routes for maximising bottom-of-the-barrel valorisation is the core of the strategy, implemented through three dedicated blocks of conversion, olefins and aromatics production.

Since each CTC project is unique, tailored solutions are required with the right combination of (mature and cutting-edge) technologies.

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