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AFPM releases supply chain report

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The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) has released a new report named ‘The Fuel & Petrochemical Supply Chains: Moving the Fuels & Products That Power Progress’. The report illustrates the critical importance of robust midstream infrastructure to the American energy renaissance that is driving domestic manufacturing and leveraging the country’s emergence as a leader in global energy markets.

The report captures the current state of the US midstream infrastructure – the integrated system of pipelines, railroads, ports, waterways, roads and storage facilities – that is the backbone of the fuel and petrochemical product supply chains. This infrastructure is responsible for moving crude oil and natural gas from production sites to refineries and petrochemical facilities, and refined products and petrochemicals from those facilities to the American people.

“Our midstream infrastructure ensures that everyone can benefit from our abundant natural resources.” said AFPM President, Chet Thompson. “Today the US is developing its energy resources at record levels, but to continue, our infrastructure must keep pace. AFPM members are investing billions of dollars in new infrastructure, but crucial investments rely on ensuring that federal policies provide regulatory certainty to efficiently build out a network that reliably delivers America’s energy and keeps our economy competitive.”

In 2017, approximately 43.3 million bbls of crude oil, refined products and NGLs, and 79.1 billion lbs of plastic resins moved through the US midstream infrastructure networks each day. This supply chain facilitates the manufacturing of life-saving medical equipment, food storage, electronics, transportation and other goods. The resiliency of this supply chain allows these industries to be nimble and disruptions efficiently with minimal impact to consumers.

The full report can be accessed here.

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