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Downstream news

KTN Belgium NV inspects oil refinery

KTN Belgium NV recently received a contract to inspect pipe, reactor and vessel locations at an oil refinery in Belgium.


Gazprom and Engie sign MoU

Gazprom and Engie have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote cooperation between the two companies.


New appointment at Servomex

Servomex has appointed Andrew Thompson as Director, Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development


Siemens' Remote Terminal Unit

Siemens has announced that its new remote terminal unit expands scope for telecontrol applications.


Renewable fuel from doughnut waste fat

Neste and Fazer Bakery have announced they are joining forces with their Doughnut Trick campaign to produce renewable fuel from waste doughnut fat.


US VP Pence celebrates MOU signing

US VP Mike Pence has celebrated Greenbelt Resources and Jababeka Infrastruktur for their waste-to-resources project MOU signing.