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Oil refinery news


China imported record volumes of crude oil in 1H23

The EIA has reported that record volumes of crude oil were imported into China during 1H23 because of refinery expansions in the country and initiatives to reopen the economy.


EIA expects higher oil prices for 2H23

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects global oil inventories to decline by almost a half million bpd in 2H23.


Neste's total refining margin outlook to improve

While the oil markets have been volatile, Northwest European diesel and gasoline margins have increased to a high level during Q323, improving the total refining margin outlook for Neste’s oil products.


EIA: production cuts drive sour crude price increases

Production cuts among OPEC+ members are limiting availability of medium and heavy sour grades of crude oil and contributing to higher relative prices for these grades, reversing typical price relationships.