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Koch-Glitsch and INVISTA Performance Technology partner up

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Koch-Glitsch and INVISTA Performance Technology (IPT), affiliates of Koch Industries, have announced a new partnership to offer DTLTM process technology, which allows refineries to capture the value spread between replacement fuel costs and high-octane gasoline blend stock.

The process technology converts light olefins that are present in fluidised-bed catalytic cracking (FCC) off-gas, coker off-gas and other refinery streams, into high-octane gasoline blend stock, significantly increasing their value.

Commercially-demonstrated in 12 refineries, with another unit under construction, the technology uses catalysts that oligomerise and aromatise off-gas olefins, converting difficult to recover components such as ethylene, propylene and butylene into high-octane gasoline blend stock.

The technology delivers approximately 75 wt% C5+ liquid yields and 10 wt% LPG, which can be blended to the gasoline pool for increased gasoline production. This low CAPEX process has a small footprint and is integrated into the refinery downstream of the FCC gas plant using standard refinery equipment, such as fixed-bed reactors, absorption and separation columns and heterogenous catalysts. The unsaturated fuel gas leaving the FCC gas plant and other unsaturated gases blended as feed are diverted to the DTL process where it converts the stream into high-octane gasoline blend stock.

It also complements propylene producing FCC units (revamped or new) as it converts excess ethylene, butylene and any unrecovered propylene present in the fuel gas back to high-octane gasoline blend stock. This provides flexibility to refiners to take advantage of high propylene prices without worrying about excess fuel gas production.

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