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KBC announces Chevron's PETRO LP refinery and petrochemicals technology

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KBC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corp., today announced the availability of Chevron USA Inc.'s PETRO linear programming (LP) technology for all refining and petrochemical customers.

PETRO is made available under the terms of a reseller agreement between Yokogawa and Chevron.

Through this agreement with Chevron, KBC licenses PETRO software and provides implementation services, including change management and capability development services.

KBC offers PETRO as an integrated component of its Petro-SIM® simulation and Visual MESA Supply Chain Scheduling (VM-SCS) portfolio.

Petro-SIM uses chemical and physical science to model refinery and petrochemical processes over a wide operating window.

VM-SCS enables plant personnel to schedule and simulate operations on an integrated supply chain topological model.

PETRO uses distributed recursive LP technology to give advice to traders on optimal bids for feedstocks; processes variables to arrive at the most valuable operations parameters and the most economic mix of products to produce, buy or sell; and provides analysis used in discussions with environmental agencies to evaluate different future regulation scenarios.

Petro-SIM will act as a digital twin of the plant, continuously connected to real-time plant data sources in order to maintain a calibrated model of the plant. From time to time it will check the linear models in PETRO and automatically update them to match the linearised current operating envelope. Planning scenarios from PETRO based on up-to-date linear models will output to VM-SCS.

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