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Weekend catch up: Global refining news

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It has been reported that Australia posted its biggest yearly reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 24 years for last year. It has been said that carbon tax helped to drive the drop in GHG levels in the country.


Due to disruptions in the supply chain, production from Gabon’s state run refining company has reportedly dropped by a third. The company has been running a processing level of 600 000 bpd. The production slump from 2013 demand levels of 900 000 bpd has led to a major shortage of fuel for domestic consumption.


It has been announced that in an attempt to boost its share in petrochemical supply, Iran is going to host a new petrochemical hub in Iranian ports of the Sea of Oman. Iranshahr has been pointed out as a good location as it is 1000 km closer to markets such as India and China than other hubs in the region.


It has been reported that the Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company will be running its refinery at 100% capacity by 2015. At the moment the plant is running at 60% capacity but believes that improved operational efficiency will help reach the 100% target.

Dangote Refinery and Petrochemical Company is nearing receiving a licence to commence preliminary work on its proposed refinery. The Department of Petroleum Resources has reportedly finished the evaluation of the technical details surrounding the first stage of the projecet.


Rosneft have reportedly confirmed that a fire at one of its oil refineries in the east of Siberia resulted in fatalities and injuries. The fire at the Achinsk refinery started in the fractionation unit and the number of people injured and deceased has not been confirmed.


Ineos has spoken out following the dispute over the Grangemouth refinery that occurred last year. The company has said that bullying and intimidation by trade unions should be criminalised. The submission was made to the Carr review which was set up to look in to the disputes that happened at the facility.


On Friday 13 June, a fire at the ExxonMobil Billings refinery caused smoke to cover portions of the surrounding area. The fire started in the plant’s fluid coker unit and no one was injured. This is the second refinery fire in a week in the Billings area, following a fire at the Phillips 66 plant earlier last week.

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