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Neste's renewable diesel to cut emissions

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Neste has launched a renewable diesel made entirely from waste and residues under the brand name Neste MY Renewable Diesel at select service stations in the Helsinki region. The product enables up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of the fuel compared to conventional fossil diesel.

"The launch of Neste MY is a long expected opener in the Finnish diesel market. We want to offer this premium product to environmentally conscious consumers and corporate customers, as well as give them the chance to migrate to entirely renewable fuels. The launch of the product is also one of the ways in which Neste takes part in the centennial of Finland's independence in 2017," says Neste's President & CEO, Matti Lievonen.

Sales of Neste MY will begin at Neste service stations in Finland, namely Espoo Piispanmäki, Vantaa Ilmakehä, Helsinki Konala, Espoo Otaniemi, Espoo Olari and Vantaa Varisto. The product is priced somewhat higher than Neste Pro Diesel, containing at least 15% of renewable diesel. During January, sales of Neste MY will also expand to select Neste Truck stations for heavy traffic in Finland.

"Our corporate customers have been hoping for a completely renewable fuel at our Neste Truck stations. We are extremely pleased that we will now be able to respond to this wish. We will introduce Neste MY at nine Neste Truck stations and aim to expand its availability during the year," Lievonen adds.

The use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel does not require any modifications to vehicles. It is fully compatible with existing diesel fuels so it can be refuelled in any blending ratio. The properties of Neste MY Renewable Diesel are better or identical to the world's best fossil diesel fuels, and have a smaller environmental load. Thanks to its top qualities, the fuel ensures a clean combustion as well as reduces noise and local emissions. Its properties are well suited for Finnish weather conditions and therefore the motorist does not have to fear that the car may break down on the road, even in the coldest winter temperatures.

Production of Neste MY Renewable Diesel is based on Neste's proprietary NEXBTL technology, which can be used for producing premium-quality renewable diesel and other renewable products from almost any waste fat or vegetable oil. The feedstock selection available for Neste's renewable diesel has been successfully expanded to more than 10 raw materials. The company is engaged in continuous development work to further expand the raw material base.

Neste's renewable diesel is already extensively used in California, among others, where it helps cities and counties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from traffic. Customers that use Neste's renewable diesel include San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Carlsbad and the county of Sacramento.

Companies such as Google and UPS in the US, and DB Schenker and Lassila & Tikanoja in Finland, have also decided to reduce their carbon footprint with Neste MY Renewable Diesel. In Finland, Neste MY was used for producing low emission energy for the Flow festival and Weekend Festival in summer 2016.

Lassila & Tikanoja

Neste and Lassila & Tikanoja have signed a partnership contract to use Neste MY Renewable Diesel in selected waste transportation vehicles of Lassila & Tikanoja in the Helsinki metropolitan area. This Christmas, Neste and Lassila & Tikanoja worked together in a campaign to collect ham fat. The campaign encouraged people to bring the waste fat from their roast ham to be used as raw material for renewable diesel. Many businesses and organisations joined the campaign. Lassila & Tikanoja took on the collection of the waste fat and its transportation to preprocessing. At Porvoo Refinery, Neste turns the ham fat into renewable diesel. Early this year, the value of the collected waste fat will be donated to charities.

"Lassila & Tikanoja aims to adjust the current consumer society into an efficient recycling society. Neste MY, manufactured wholly from waste and residue, fits well into our policy. It will help us reach our goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25% before 2020, compared to the level and volume of 2012," says Jorma Mikkonen, Director of Corporate Relations and Responsibility at Lassila & Tikanoja.

DB Schenker

Neste and Schenker Oy have signed a partnership contract on the use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel in DB Schenker's light distribution vehicles in Helsinki and Turku in Finland. "Our global objective is to be a pioneer in environmental responsibility in the field of transport and logistics. In practice, we will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions in different forms of transportation and in all of our other functions and, in this way, help our customers and consumers to see to their environmental responsibility. For example, we have shifted to the use of solar energy and geoenergy in our buildings, and it is only natural to start using renewable energy in our transportation services," says Petteri Nurmi, Senior Vice President of Land Transport in Finland at DB Schenker.

"With the use of Neste MY, we can immediately improve the quality of air in Helsinki and Turku. In addition to distribution services, we will also apply the product to the high capacity transport (HCT) truck combination starting between Vantaa and Turku. The transportation capacity of 90 t HCT truck-trailer is 20% more effective than that of a conventional 60 t truck combination. Therefore, by using renewable diesel, the eco-efficiency of individual shipments can be improved significantly," Petteri Nurmi says.

Some 20 DB Schenker vans and trucks in the Helsinki metropolitan area and 6 to 8 transportation vehicles in Turku will be fuelled by Neste MY.

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