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The future of heat is digital!

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In a time of rapid technological advancement and digital transformation, MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) is pioneering digital solutions for the entire life cycle of industrial heat pump systems. This innovation will transform design, commissioning, and management of heat pump packages, delivering unmatched efficiency and customer value.

Embarking on a journey with dynamic simulations, MAN ES initiates its digital voyage during the crucial planning and blueprinting stages of heat pump installations. From the outset, MAN ES extends its expertise to clients, crafting detailed dynamic models which aid in pinpointing the best choices for the most important components. By modelling unique situations, such as the system's initiation or unforeseen interruptions, MAN ES hands over a meticulously designed equipment layout that not only emphasises optimal efficiency but also capital savings.

In an effort to improve quality and shorten delivery times, MAN ES has introduced the use of simulation-based Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for its control systems. This innovative approach supplements the usual software assessments carried out during FAT at the supplier's site. Not only does this method make software validation more streamlined and trustworthy, but it also speeds up the entire delivery process, saving up to a week. This results in a faster and more fluid experience for customers.

With a focus on training the customer employees through the operator training simulator, MAN ES takes action after the primary machinery is designed and the UCP undergoes thorough checks. Gearing up for launch, MAN enhances the training environment by introducing its state-of-the-art digital tool, the operator training simulator, to the client's training spaces. This innovative instrument provides unparalleled adaptability for training staff in charge of managing the heat pump system. Fresh recruits can swiftly immerse themselves in the system's subtleties, acquiring the skills to navigate challenging scenarios and optimise the controls as needed. Such a well-equipped team becomes the backbone of a properly functioning plant. The operator training simulator ensures that the heat pump system is operated efficiently, reliably and safely by a well-trained team, which ultimately leads to better performance and availability of the heat pump.

By optimising commissioning through virtual methods, MAN ES introduces a solution to improve the efficiency of the commissioning process. The pre-optimisation of system control software via this digital advancement slashes commissioning durations, potentially by up to two weeks. Furthermore, this virtual commissioning not only helps with the development of complicated control designs but also amplifies procedural efficiency, laying the groundwork for enhancements of the plant. In this way, a stable heat supply can be guaranteed during the transition from fossil combustion to a more climate-friendly heat supply.

In situations demanding unprecedented flexibility, especially when dispatching on-site experts becomes a hurdle, MAN ES steps forward with remote commissioning offerings. These include a range of tasks from mechanical finalisation, loop verifications, to both cold and warm starts, and even oversight of plant operations. The key point of this approach? The customers benefits by avoiding delays in commissioning and safe travel-related expenditures, culminating in an uninterrupted, economically efficient process.

During the operational phase, live monitoring using virtual sensors and applications becomes the lighthouse. MAN ES' AI-based virtual sensors act as digital twins, and provide dynamic back-up values when sensors fail, until the faulty sensors are replaced. In harmony with these, the compressor health monitoring app detects early signs of fouling, facilitating timely interventions to cut down unscheduled shutdowns and to ensure efficiency. Additional monitoring apps ensure that processes requiring steam and oil constantly meet the specified quality standards.

To guarantee a smooth upgrade and extension with advanced digital tools, MAN ES advises customers considering improving or extending their current heat pump installations over time. These digital solutions provide customers with a significant cost reduction and help to identify retrofit potentials, ensuring an optimal transition to the next phase of operation.

By introducing the latest digital tools for the entire life cycle of heat pump systems, MAN ES is bringing a new era of opportunity to industrial systems. These pioneering digital services extend from the initial stages of design and formulation through to commissioning, daily operation and eventual system upgrades, offering increased efficiency, reliability and environmental awareness. Diving into this digital horizon will change the profile of industrial heat pump installations and set a new benchmark for the entire sector.

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