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Lucrative liquid waste technology

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Advanced industrial uses for hydrogen based fuels continue to make strides in the industrial sector while sustainable, natural gas alternatives to current fuels used for commercial and industrial projects lead to lucrative opportunities with a significant impact for leading companies such as MagneGas Corporation, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc, Praxair, Inc., The Dow Chemical Company's and Airgas, Inc.

MagneGas Corporation, an award winning technology company that counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into MagneGas2® fuel, announced that a lead sub-contractor for a major Kennedy Space Centerbuild-out project has placed their first order for MagneGas2® fuel. The fuel will be used for the metal cutting portion of the project, which is anticipated to be significant.

S&R Enterprises LLC, a lead sub-contractor for the US$100 million Kennedy Space Centerproject that will last approximately two years, was first introduced to MagneGas® during a demonstration arranged by a MagneGas partner, Suwannee Ironworks. Suwannee is MagneGas's partner in a MagneGas subsidiary, ESSI of North Florida. ESSI is an industrial supply, gases and safety supplies and products provider.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc Hydrogen Reactions Lab, located at its corporate headquarters in Allentown, has announced it is now operational and receiving material for laboratory trials. The new lab consists of three continuous, trickle bed reactors and has the design capability to handle hydrotreatment and hydrogenation reactions at pressures up to 2000 psig. The new lab enables customers to optimise existing hydrogenation and hydrotreatment reactions or switch from batch to continuous operation.

The company announced more recently that, effective immediately or as contracts permit, it will increase prices globally for process materials and advanced materials supplied by its electronics business, as demand for electronics materials continues to grow. These price increases are necessary to recover increasing raw materials, production costs, and continued supply reliability, quality improvements and research and development activities in order to support reinvestment to meet global market needs.

Praxair, Inc. and certain affiliates announced they are notifying bulk gas and medical gas customers, in the US and Puerto Rico, of price increases:

  • Up to 20% for nitrogen, oxygen, argon and hydrogen
  • Up to 10% for helium
  • Up to 15% for facility fees -- Price adjustments may be higher or lower in accordance with individual contract provisions and will be effective 1 January, 2016, or as contracts permit.

These adjustments are in response to rising costs and will support continued investments in capacity, reliability and efficiency of Praxair operations.

Adapted from press release byFrancesca Brindle

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