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Oil and gas industry announcements: 17 March 2015

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

CNG Energy

TruStar Energy has been awarded the contract to design and build a large public access fuelling station for CNG Energy LLC, to support Liberal, Kansas and the surrounding Southwest Kansas area and Oklahoma Panhandle. CNG Energy Vice President Rock Ormiston, who has been associated with CNG fuel for several years, looked to CNG to power their 12 Kenworth tractors, which are scheduled to haul ethanol coproducts from the local ethanol plant as well as corn and sorghum into the plant.

The station will feature two public fast fill dispensers with volume that will support not only their own 12 tractors, but other commercial fleets and private vehicles as well. This is something that went into the planning of the station from the very beginning.

Endress + Hauser

Effective April 1, Vector Controls and Automation Group and Endress + Hauser will be teaming up to provide their customers with a single source supplier for all sales, service and solutions in all markets and industries across the greater Houston area. This is in addition to Vector CAG’s coverage throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and portions of Illinois, Arkansas and Texas.

Solomon Associates

Solomon Associates has announced the launch of its Worldwide Natural Gas Processing Plant and Comparative Performance Analusis (NGPP Study) for operating year 2015. The study is designed to help plant operators stay competitive with top performing gas plants in the industry. The study provides operators with an understanding of their plant operations relative to other participants within the industry. The analysis assists companies in comprehending the activities and trends in today’s gas processing industry and provides valuable information on which to base performance improvement efforts.

The NGPP Study examines a plant’s operating and maintenance expenses, process unit utilisation and reliability, energy consumption, and staffing requirements to help determine whether maintenance expenditures are contributing to reliable operations that are on par with the rest of the industry. The study also measures energy efficiency to help determine whether joint venture partners are operating effectively. Study results can be used to formulate optimisation plans to eliminate shortfalls, establish performance targets, and measure progress using Solomon metrics.

Qalaa Holdings

The government of Egypt tapped Qalaa Holdings’ leaders to showcase its subsidiary Egyptian Refining Company (ERC), a US$3.7 billion greenfield refinery currently under construction in the Greater Cairo area, in partnership with EGPC. Qalaa is highlighting the megaproject at the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in Sham El-Sheikh.

Qalaa Chairman and Founder, Ahmed Heikal said, “ERC illustrates Qalaa’s strategy of investing in and developing large, nationally important infrastructure and industrial projects. The project is fully funded and 50% complet, putting it on track to begin production in 2017 as planned. ERC is a cornerstone of Egypt’s economic security and will reduce the nation’s present day diesel imports by more than half. What’s more, ERC will cut Egypt’s current sulfur emissions by nearly one third. Heading into what we expect will be a very busy summer on site, with over 10 000 employees working on the project, I am pleased to note that all of our construction permits are in hand and thousands of tons of critical equipment have arrived in Egypt.”

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