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ExxonMobil’s moves to help enable improved fuel economy and energy efficiency

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ExxonMobil has announced its new SpectraSyn™ MaX next-generation polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stock, designed to provide an unprecedented low viscosity, low volatility balance and help enable improved fuel economy and energy efficiency.

SpectraSyn MaX leverages a unique PAO structure to provide low viscosity while improving or maintaining other key properties, including:

  • Low volatility for reduced oil consumption.
  • Low-temperature properties for optimal performance.
  • Improved oxidative stability for engine cleanliness and longer drain intervals.
  • Enhanced lubricity and traction for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Improved flashpoint for safety.

“Car manufacturers are under constant pressure to improve the energy efficiency and fuel economy of their vehicles. Ultra-low viscosity engine oils and electric vehicle (EV) driveline fluids are effective ways to help achieve those goals,” said Nathan Vogt, Global Market Development Advisor at ExxonMobil Chemical Company. “Formulators can now use SpectraSyn MaX to develop low viscosity, low volatility formulations that can provide the next generation of energy efficiency for the automotive industry.”

In fuel economy tests of various 0W-12 and 0W-8 lubricants, the blends formulated with SpectraSyn MaX outperformed alternatives made with different low viscosity base stocks currently available on the market. Overall, SpectraSyn MaX provided versatile performance across various engine oil tests for fuel economy, durability, and cleanliness.

While the trend towards lower viscosity grades has created some challenges for formulators, SpectraSyn MaX provides formulators with more formulation flexibility than existing low viscosity base oils, allowing for the inclusion of additives – such as viscosity modifiers for improved fuel economy, detergents or dispersants for cleaner engines, and sulfur and phosphorous for better wear protection – without compromising performance. 

For today's EV designs with integrated e-modules, SpectraSyn MaX comes with the added benefit of being a single-fluid solution that lubricates, cools, and shows desirable electrical properties. SpectraSyn MaX also provides superior oxidative stability and can lower friction coefficient/torque loss, resulting in improved energy efficiency and extending the range of EVs.

“To meet increasingly demanding OEM specifications, engine oils and EV driveline fluids need to continuously evolve to be lower in viscosity while still delivering the same or higher levels of performance and wear protection of their predecessors,” said Vogt. “At ExxonMobil, we’re proud to help formulators innovate and develop solutions to meet these continuing challenges.”

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