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1000th SKF S2M magnetic bearing now in operation

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

SKF has commissioned its 1000th SKF S2M active magnetic bearing (AMB), a significant milestone.

The 1000th large turbomachinery installation brings the additional benefits of several advanced features. The bearings’ more robust internal design increases resistance to harsh gas environments and also increases the range of possible applications.

The magnetic bearing controls system has remote monitoring and diagnostics possibilities that measure the machine’s critical parameters, such as rotation speed, vibration and temperature. The mechanical parts of the AMB system are based on a field proven design with mechanical interfaces adapted to the particularities of an OEM’s machine.

The AMB controller has been customized by taking into account all aspects of complex rotor dynamics of the machine. Also, a formalized collaboration process between customer and SKF local service teams has been developed. These were key factors that enabled the local service engineer to carry out commissioning of the 1000th SKF S2M in a short period of time.

When combined with the elimination of other drive train elements, such as the lubrication system and gearbox, the SKF S2M bearing creates major savings in operational expenditure (OPEX) along with a favourable return on investment of the original capital expenditure (CAPEX).

As a result of their robustness, SKF S2M magnetic bearings widen the operating range of machines. This allows rotation at higher speeds and the capability of withstanding higher operation loads, providing the customer with much greater operating flexibility. This is why SKF S2M magnetic bearings have become an industry standard and a preferred customer choice for most oil and gas applications.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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