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GEA launches new ABC modules

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

With its aluminium block cooler (ABC module), GEA Heat Exchangers presents an especially compact and light type of vacuum brazed, completely aluminium coolers. These new cooler modules feature high efficiency fans and use system control to keep the oil temperature constant. Their weight is only one seventh compared to that of radiator systems with equivalent rating, and they need only a fraction of their space. The compact design of the ABC modules and their efficient heat dissipation allow the use of only one fifteenth the oil volume of a radiator system. In addition to these advantages, customers also benefit from their low transport, handling, and installation costs. One or more ABC modules can be combined, according to the performance requirements to be met. These modules can be used not only as stationary transformer oil coolers, but also in the form of units consisting of ABC modules employed as stand alone temporary mobile auxiliary coolers (TMACs). It is likewise possible to combine ABC modules with radiators to provide a hybrid solution.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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