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SKF taking the next steps

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

SKF is continuing its investments in smart technology for its maintenance service offering, production and sales processes. As part of the investments, field maintenance engineers, production workers, and, SKF sales force members in selected regions will be trained and equipped with smart devices with tailor made software developed by SKF’s own connectivity team.

Integrating SKF’s condition monitoring technologies into mobile devices supports the group’s focus on asset life cycle management. By providing access to real time machine performance data in a user friendly format, customers and maintenance engineers are better able to take informed decisions regarding maintenance activities and increase machine efficiency.

Bringing smart devices with production and maintenance apps to SKF’s factories will enable a better, faster and more accurate collection of data and ensure a more collaborative and efficient way of working. Apps that provide warnings and early fault detections in real time and access to machine calibration routines will help minimise downtime and give operators the tools they need to solve issues instantly.


Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO said, “this is one of the most interesting times to be in the industrial arena. We are truly going through an industrial renaissance. Smart devices have helped us see the SKF world with new eyes and allows us to introduce a whole new way of working to what could be seen as a more traditional type of industry. Embracing industrial connectivity is opening up new markets for us. It’s helping us to deliver more value to our customers and increase our revenues. We will continue to embed this technology into our way of working. Technology developers and legislators have a role to play as well, in device development and nurturing industrial activity as a whole. Together we will be able to increase competitiveness, quality, productivity and growth, unlocking the next industrial revolution.”

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