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Atlas Copco designs inverter

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Atlas Copco has designed a new inverter for its variable speed drive (VSD) compressor. The Neos is designed to exactly fit only Atlas Copco compressors.

Off the shelf inverters come with a lot of extra features: connections, communication and control modules and other superfluous options. Atlas Copco has stripped the converter back to its essentials, making it compact, reliable and completely integrated with their compressors.

Instead of needless digital outputs and an extra control panel, engineers teamed the Neos with Atlas Copco’s comrepssor control, the Elektronikon® Mk 5 and made sure than both interact seamlessly.

According to Atlas Copco, features that the Neos doesn’t have are features that can’t break down. Hence, reliability is amplified. The Neos has endured extensive testing. It is proven to be capable of operating at continuous full load until 50 °C ambient, 60 °C de-rated.

 Atlas Copco has highlighted that inverter drive suppliers sometimes phase a drive out and every time they do so, the company has to qualify its successor from scratch and spare parts become hard to come by. With the Neos, Atlas Copco has the advantage of independent, full control over the availability of spare parts, now and in the future. 

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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