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Boost your Corrosion Management System with these new additions to your library

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The global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US$2.5 trillion annually. However, by using available corrosion control practices, it is estimated that savings of between 15 and 35% could be realised; or between US$375 and $875 billion annually on a global scale. These costs typically do not include individual safety or environmental consequences. Through near misses, incidents, forced shutdowns (outages), accidents, etc., several industries have come to realise that lack of corrosion management can be very costly and that, through proper corrosion management, significant cost savings can be achieved over the lifetime of an asset. To achieve the full extent of these savings, corrosion management and its integration into an organisation’s management system must be accomplished by implementing a Corrosion Management System (CMS).

NACE International has a collection of technical resources meant to strengthen your CMS through information on procedures, tips and techniques for corrosion control. These books convey decades of industry knowledge, and provide practical tools to manage, prevent and mitigate corrosion.

A Guide to Industrial Corrosion Management Implementation (NEW!)
By Ali Morshed
Product Number: 37637 or 37637-E, Available in both print and e-Book format, US$125

Corrosion management is a rather new concept and expertise. Due to this newness and a vast multitude of application benefits, there has been a constant growth in demands for the provision of CM awareness, training, expertise and consultancy year after year. The latest and most comprehensive instalment in Morshed’s series of four CM books covers various subjects from how to define the scope of work to report writing and communicating the latest integrity findings. It is written in a simple and jargon-free language with a greater emphasis and focus on CM field implementation intended for various audiences including: corrosion and integrity engineers, inspection engineers, pipeline engineers, process engineers, maintenance engineers and asset integrity managers.

Corrosion Basics: An Introduction - 3rd Edition (NEW!)
By Pierre Roberge
Product Number: 37630 or 37630-E, Available in both print and e-Book format, US$235

The best techniques available for detecting corrosion, determining the corrosion resistance of a material, or evaluating the efficacy of a control procedure serve as daily tools for attacking the problems faced by thousands of persons engaged in corrosion work. This book fosters a better understanding of these procedures by providing general coverage of the wide field of corrosion control. It is designed to help readers being initiated into corrosion work and presents each corrosion process or control procedure in the most basic terms.

Forms of Corrosion: Recognition and Prevention – 2nd Edition (NEW!)
By Dale McIntyre
Product Number: 37626-E, Available in e-Book format only, US$140

McIntyre presents detailed corrosion mechanisms and case histories of a wide variety of corrosion problems from chemical plants, oil production and refining, utilities, pipelines, transport by air, land, and sea, electronics, and the preservation of historical artifacts. By using advanced analytical techniques such as electron microscopy, metallography, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Aüger spectroscopy and electrochemical techniques, he is able to illustrate their utility in corrosion failure investigations.

Corrosion Failures: Theory, Case Studies, and Solutions
By K. Elayaperumal and V.S. Raja
Product Number: 38628, Available in print only, US$99.95

These authors explain corrosion basics and corrosion failures in a lucid manner for working professionals by exclusively providing over 80 corrosion-failure analysis case studies to correlate failure analysis with corrosion science. This is the one-stop shop for both science and real-time occurrence of the phenomenon of corrosion.

An Introduction to Corrosion Management in Industry
By Ali Morshed
Product Number: 37633 and 37633-E, Available in both print and e-Book format, US$125

A true corrosion management reference book published for the non-hydrocarbon industries and written for engineers within the corrosion, maintenance, reliability, inspection, CP and coating sectors, asset owners, operators and managers, and those managing chemical treatments, corrosion monitoring and sampling systems. It is a comprehensive, practical and yet easy-to-understand set of new definitions, guidelines and suggestions with the main objective being to facilitate the appreciation of the corrosion management concept and the implementation of its processes for and within any non-hydrocarbon industrial sector where corrosion is a major integrity threat.

Fundamentals of Designing for Corrosion Control: A Corrosion Aid for the Designer
By R.J. Landrum
Product Number: 37510, Available in print only, US$110

One of the NACE Top 10 sellers, this book is written for industrial plant designers and corrosion or materials engineers and takes a look at the various factors weighed in the design phase of a project for preventing equipment repair or replacement due to corrosion and covers materials selection; testing for quality control; and corrosion rate determinations, classifications, and allowances.

These titles, along with vast collection of books, reports and papers, educational courses, and standards to help complete your technical library, can be found by visiting the NACE Store at

Author: Beth Valvano, NACE International

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