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Sinopec starts up two additional Dupont STRATCO alkylation technology units

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DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has announced the successful startup of the STRATCO® alkylation units at the Zhongke Refinery and Petrochemical Co. LTC refinery in Zhejiang, China and the Sinopec Shanghai Company (SPC) refinery in Jinshan, Shanghai, China. Both STRATCO alkylation units at Sinopec Zhongke and Sinopec Shanghai are designed to process MTBE raffinate feedstock and produce 9240 bpsd and 10 240 bpsd of alkylate, respectively.

The generation of low-sulfur, high-octane, low-Rvp alkylate with zero olefins enables Sinopec to meet the criteria of the China VI standard at these two refineries.

“In the last few years, DuPont and Sinopec have had the opportunity to start up several STRATCO alkylation units together, providing DuPont with the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with each refinery. The success in both startup and operation continues to meet and exceed expectations, enabling the Sinopec organisation to make a vast amount of high quality alkylate to improve the overall quality of their gasoline pool. We are very appreciative for the experience we’ve had with each of these refineries,” said Kevin Bockwinkel, Global Business Manager, STRATCO Alkylation Technology.

The startup of the units brings the number of STRATCO alkylation units in operation at the Sinopec organisation to six, with a seventh unit being readied to come online this year.

The Sinopec Shanghai refinery is the second commercialisation of the innovative Model 74 Contactor™ reactor. Fundamentally the same as the nearly 350 commercially operating reactors in service throughout the world, the Model 74 Contactor reactor reduces the number of total reactors and plot space required, but also results in an overall lower capital cost for the alkylation unit. These reactors continue to offer the refiner the superior product quality, high reliability and on-stream time refiners have come to expect from the STRATCO alkylation technology. The Model 74 Contactor reactor includes the latest reactor improvements and has a volume of 68.1 m3 (18 000 ga.), an increase in volume from the standard size Contactor (Model 63) of 43.5 m3 (11 500 gal.) per reactor. Both reactor models are commercially available from DuPont.

STRATCO alkylation technology is a sulfuric acid-catalysed process that converts low-value, straight-chain olefins (propylene, butylene and amylene) into high-value, branched components called alkylate. Alkylate is known for its superior blending properties and is a key component for clean gasoline. The technology helps refiners safely produce cleaner-burning gasoline with high octane, low Reid vapour pressure, low sulfur, zero aromatics and zero olefins. Licensed and marketed by DuPont as part of its Clean Technologies portfolio, the STRATCO alkylation has more than 100 licensed units worldwide and more than 915 000 bpsd of installed capacity. DuPont Clean Technologies is committed to alkylation research and has extensive experience in assisting refiners with alkylation research, design, start-ups, test runs, troubleshooting, optimisation, revamps, expansions, analytical testing, operator training, turnarounds and HAZOP studies.

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