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The importance of pro development energy policies

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Jack Gerard, API President and CEO has said that proposals to safely produce more domestic energy, such as those released in Gov. Mitt Romney’s energy plan, are important to America’s economic future, providing economic stimulus and job creation.

Gerard’s comments

‘API’s Vote 4 Energy campaign is about encouraging a public conversation on energy this campaign year,’ said Gerard. ‘The proposals released today (23rd August) by the governor will assist in encouraging that public conversation on how more North American made energy can be an economic game changer.

‘Voters understand that we hold the keys to our own energy future,’ said Gerard. ‘America has been described as the next Middle East in what it has in the form of oil and natural gas. With pro development policies, we could create millions of new jobs and provide billions of dollars of revenue to our government.’


A strong majority of voters support more domestic energy development, regardless of party affiliation. A recent poll showed more than 70% of American voters favour increased access to US oil and natural gas resources because they believe it will lead to more US jobs and lower energy costs.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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