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EPA urged to withdraw Tier 3 rule

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

According to API Group Director for Downstream and Industry Operations Bob Greco, EPA’s proposed Tier 3 gasoline sulfur rule should be withdrawn because it would do practically nothing to improve ait quality yet would cost billions and potentially harm gasoline consumers. Greco made his comments at a press briefing that previewed the API’s soon to be submission to the EPA on the proposal.

Comments from API

‘The rule’s biggest impact would be to increase the cost of delivering energy to Americans, making it a threat to consumers, jobs, and the economy. The new sulfur regulation could impost nearly US$ 10 billion in new capital costs on refiners, increasing gasoline manufacturing costs by between six and nine cents per gallon, according to analysis by Baker and O’Brien. Yet, as studies by ENVIRON International Corporation have found, the regulation would do very little to reduce air pollution.

‘Tier 3 is a reckless regulation, an unnecessary regulation, and, unfortunately, one of several new rules in the offing that collectively could put upward pressure on energy prices, discourage business expansion, and harm new job creation. EPA is a regulatory agency. Issuing rules is its job. But its formula for deciding on new regulations has become disconnected from common sense and sound science. This must be corrected if we want to avoid unnecessary long term harm to the economy. A good first step would be to pull back the Tier 3 rule. ‘

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd.

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