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Late June: Downstream update on Asia and the Middle East

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The location of the Rajasthan refinery and petrochemical complex is apparently to be decided upon today. There are two sites in the running both of which are in Barmer. Once a site has been selected, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited plans on beginning construction work next month. Construction of the facility is expected to cost R 37 230 crore and will process approximately 9 million tpy.

Problems with the facility’s location has arisen in both proposed sites. In Leelala, farmers have been protesting about the level of compensation they will receive for having their land removed to build the plant. In Pachpadra, salt production is a large industry and people involved in the sector are opposing the plant as it is expected to cause the industry heavy damage.


It has been reported that six refineries and eight LNG terminals in Japan have been affected by the typhoon that hit the country on 20th June and is yet to abate. The western regions of Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu are the worst affected.

Middle East


Lavan Oil Refining Company is executing 14 projects at its refinery to aid process optimisation and improve quality of products. This is part of the Mehr e Mandegar plan which is expected to be completed by the end of Q3. Once the work is completed, the facility’s processing capacity is expected to double to 60 000 bpd. Inauguration of the work began on 23rd June.


In Oman, petrochemical production levels reached 9.5 million t during 2012. This is an increase of 600 000 t on 2011 and shows a sustained period of solid growth in the country’s petrochemicals industry. Oman has the third largest petrochemical sector in the region behind Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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