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BP not liable for Texas pollution related injuries

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

BP Plc has been found not liable for pollution related injuries claimed by the first of almost 48 000 people who have sued over large volumes of cancer causing gases that were released by a Texas refinery in 2010.

Those that live in the area surrounding the plant were seeking billions of dollars in punitive damages. The jury in Texas found BP negligent, while rejecting the residents’ claims that the fumes caused any injuries.

The residents have claimed that BP intentionally vented more than 500 000 pounds of toxic chemicals to a refinery flare that the company knew was incapable of destroying them.

BP claimed to the contrary that the flare destroyed virtually all of the toxic chemicals released by a malfunctioning production unit during the 45 day emission incident.

"Today’s verdict affirms BP’s view that no one suffered any injury as a result of flaring of the BP Ultracracker flare during April and May 2010", said Geoff Morrell, a company spokesman. "Armed with the knowledge gleaned from this case and this important jury verdict, the company will immediately begin to prepare for any additional proceedings involving other plaintiffs".

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