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AFPM on CFATS legislation

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The AFPM has reacted to the US House of Representatives’ approval of H.R 4007, the CFATS Program Authorisation and Accountability Act of 2014. By a bipartisan vote, the House has provided a three year authorisation of the Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism (CFATS) program. The bill also addresses the Personnel Surety Program by codifying the screening process for vetting individuals against the Federal Terrorist Screening Database maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Additionally, the bill improves Congressional oversight as well as assures improved coordination with state and local officials.


Charles T. Drevna, President, AFPM said, ‘amid growing concerns about domestic terrorist attacks, AFPM commends the US House of Representatives for putting the nation’s safety first by approving a bill that will allow refiners and petrochemical manufacturers to enhance security measures at their facilities. The bill recognises that cyber and physical security at our facilities must be an inherent practice that requires confidence in the personnel screening process.’

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