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Middle East: Downstream news catch up

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It has been announced that once new phases come online, refining capacity at the South Pars gasfield will increase substantially. Phases 17 and 18 are due to come onstream by the end of September this year. Refining capacity is expected to increase by 25 million m3/d.

It has been announced that four incomplete petrochemical projects in Iran will be completed this year. After completion, Iran’s petrochemical output will increase by 2 million tpy. There are believed to be a total of 60 incomplete petrochemical projects throughout the country. Only 68% of Iran’s petrochemical processing capacity is currently tapped.

It has been reported that the Isfahan refinery is planning to produce Euro 4 gasoline. However, this cannot be started until the correct catalyst is mass produced domestically, but contracts for production for the product have been signed.

Iran has decided to suspend plans to build three refineries out of the country. Refineries in Syria, Malaysia and Indonesia are now on hold, and it has been confirmed that plans to build the facilities have not been completely abandoned.


KNPC and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research have signed a research agreement with regards to the new oil refinery planned for the country. The research is going to be focused on the effects of refining heavy crude oil on machinery and units that will be in operation at the refinery.

Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al-Mojil Group has signed an agreement with Essar Projects to provide construction services for project developments in Jazan. Work includes the Saudi Aramco Jazan refinery and aligns with Mohammed Al-Mojil Group’s restructuring plan.

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