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5th December: Downstream oil and gas news

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An all clear has been issued by Shell Canada after a spill into the S. Clair river from Sarnia manufacturing centre in Ontario. There was a leak of hydrocarbons which totalled 300 millilitres and some oily water made its way in to the nearby river. A boom is now in place to ensure the leak is contained and cleared.

On Sunday 1st December, protesters locked themselves to a transport rig that was heading from the Port of Umatilla to an oilsands development in Western Canada. The rig was carrying a 450 t piece of oil refinery equipment. The environmentalists were protesting against the shipment for its potential to worsen global warming. It took two hours for the police to move the protesters from the vehicle.

The first refinery planned for Canada in decades is due to be delayed for more than a year due to the sharp rise in costs. The original cost estimate sat at US$ 5.7 billion but that has now increased to US$ 8.5 billion. The Sturgeon refinery is meant to be part of the Alberta government’s plans to process more oil domestically.


Cochin port has started work on a 20 million tpy oil refinery and trading hub. The facility will be exclusively export oriented and is part of the deepwater outer harbour project. The refinery will involve an investment of approximately 40 000 crore.


The Rathnes plant, Grenland, Norway is to become to the first facility in Europe to import shale gas from the US as a feedstock. Despite the distance, the gas will still cost less than importing dry gas to the facility from the North Sea. The plant is run by Ineos and expects to secure a 20 year deal.


Hollyfrontier Corporation announced that it expects a resolution to the previously announced refinery wastewater constraints at its subsidiary’s Navajo refinery by approximately the end of January 2014. In the interim, crude throughput at the plant is expected to be approximately 60 000 bpd. Based on HFC’s current operational outlook, HFC’s fourth quarter 2013 total crude throughput guidance is approximately 370 000 bpd, and HFC’s first quarter total crude throughput is expected to be negatively impacted by approximately 10 000 bpd due to January constraints on the plant. 

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