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API comment on EPA’s E15 decision

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The API have warned that the EPA could be putting consumers at risk and criticised the decision made by the EPA to approve the E15 level in gasoline before testing has been completed.


Comments from Bob Greco

‘EPA is choosing to ignore the red flags in its headlong rush to allow more ethanol in gasoline, putting consumers and their vehicles at risk,’ said API Director of Downstream Operations Bob Greco. ‘Testing needs to be completed before this new fuel mixture is introduced into Americans’ gas tanks.’

‘API supports a realistic and workable Renewable Fuel Standard and the responsible introduction of increased biofuels in a manner that protects consumers and the investments they’ve made in their vehicles,’ Greco said. ‘However, we cannot rush to allow more ethanol before we know the consequences.’


Further comments

The API have commented that the EPA’s decisions have come before complete testing by automobile and oil industries to make sure that the inclusion is safe and allows continued performance in vehicles etc. So far, several problems with E15 have been reported including engine damage that may not be covered by vehicle warranties. 

Adapted from a press release by the American Petroleum Institute

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