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New CNG infrastructure in Florida

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

The city of Apopka in Florida is partnering with Guardian Fuelling Technologies to expand its compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling infrastructure. This announcement comes as the city continues to expand and convert its vehicle fleet to CNG. The move is expected to cost US$ 1.15 million and is expected to save the city at least US$ 125 000 /y as the city replaces its aging vehicles that run on diesel or gasoline. The city cited industry figures for cost savings, highlighting that CNG costs an average of US$ 1.10 while diesel costs US$ 3.54/gal. and gasoline US$ 3/18/gal. Apopka is Orange County’s second largest city, and has a 40% stake in the city’s natural gas provider, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District.


Sam Davis, Lake Apopka Gas District Manager said, ‘it helps with the carbon footprint. It’s clean burning. It lowers our dependence on foreign oil.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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