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High paying oil and gas contracting jobs

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Swift Worldwide Resources has released a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the oil and gas sector. Australia has once again topped the list and Nigeria is a new entry, ranking just below the returning leader. The list has been compiled by analysing Swift’s 250 contract positions in the oil and gas industry in 30 locations across the world, for a total of 7500 jobs. Countries that are represented for the first time include Nigeria, Venezuela and Angola. No jobs in the US made the list.

Countries aren't however the only things to change on the list for 2014. Certain job titles like Completion Manager and Drilling Manager are in more demand and well compensated due to increases in upstream and drilling activity around the world. Swift experts predict that as exploration becomes more competitive across major oil companies, skilled workers in these positions will be drawing even higher compensations.


Tobias Read, CEO, Swift said, ‘as a global staffing company, we’re able to track shifts in the way jobs are compensated in different regions. High project workloads and a shortage of skilled talent have kept compensation high in Australia. Both Iraq and Nigeria have seen unprecedented growth in industry activity, and workers there are compensated for the risks that come with working in the more dangerous areas, accounting for the increase in salary ranges. Salaries in the US are climbing, but salaries in these emerging markets are climbing faster.’

The top 10

  • Completion manager, Australia: up to US$ 3075 /d.
  • Drilling manager, Australia: up to US$ 2942 /d.
  • Drilling manager, Nigeria: up to US$ 2844 /d.
  • Project services director, Nigeria: up to US$ 2817 /d.
  • Drilling manager, Iraq: up to US$ 2766 /d.
  • Completion manager, Venezuela: up to US$ 2715 /d.
  • Project manager, Iraq: up to US$ 2700 /d.
  • Subsea manager, Australia: up to US$ 2692 /d.
  • Drilling manger, Angola: up to US$ 2631 /d.
  • Completion manger: up to US$ 2624 /d.

Edited from press release by Claira Lloyd

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