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Obama’s climate initiatives will benefit from clean diesel technology

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President Obama has pledged the US will cut emissions by up to 28% by 2025 and additional emission reduction initiatives are expected to be proposed at the UN summit in Paris this December.

“Because diesel power is the overwhelmingly dominate source of moving cargo both on land and sea, the benefits from this new diesel technology will be vital for the US and international community in reducing black carbon and greenhouse gas emissions,” Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, said.

According Schaeffer, the US currently accounts for about 8% of the global black carbon emissions, with 52% of that coming from mobile sources, and 93% of the mobile sources attributed to diesel engines. On top of the 32% reduction from 1990-2005, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) projects this percentage will decline by 86% by 2030 ‘largely due to controls on new mobile diesel engines’.

3.9 million light duty new clean diesel cars and light trucks were sold in the US between 2007 and 2014, which saved 9.7 million t of CO2 and 1.5 billion gal of gasoline, and clean diesel commercial trucks sold between 2007 and 2014 have already saved 21 million bbls of crude oil and eliminated 9 million t of CO2.

“Over the last decade in particular, the diesel industry has invested billions of dollars in development of cleaner diesel fuels, advanced engines, and emissions control technology. The efficiency and environmental benefits from these new technologies will continue as increased numbers are introduced into the population,” added Schaeffer.

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