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Catalysts and Technology for Lubricant Base Oils

The lubricant base oil business is in a state of transition: production is rapidly moving away from solvent-based plants towards those based on catalytic hydroprocessing and hydrofinishing technology.

This is chiefly because a base oil’s quality and yields are much higher, there is less dependence on a specific crude source and it is easier to make the high-quality Group II and III base oils that the current market demands.

In this highly specialised sector, where quality is paramount, best-in-class technology and operating experience are precursors to added value. This whitepaper details the support that Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides to owners seeking to build new units or revamp or refill existing ones.

This includes leading-edge technology coupled with market-leading catalysts, and technical services. In addition, the company can facilitate product offtake agreements with Shell Lubricants.

With a strong reference list and the experience gained from supporting Shell operations around the globe, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has experience of overcoming many of the common challenges owners face.


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