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White papers: Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies supports Shell and non-Shell businesses by working with them to co-create integrated, customised solutions comprising licensed technologies, refining and petrochemical catalysts, and technical services.

It was formed by combining Shell Global Solutions, a technology licensor with a track record of delivering pioneering process schemes and innovative configurations; Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, the world’s largest hydroprocessing catalyst supplier; and CRI Catalyst Company, a pioneer in the petrochemical catalyst sector.

It operates across the energy value chain: from upstream, gas processing and liquefied natural gas through to downstream refining and petrochemicals.

The fact that Shell Catalysts & Technologies supports Shell’s global downstream network means that it has already addressed many of the challenges that its third-party customers face; the catalysts and technologies that it licenses have been developed in response to the same challenges.


How latest-generation catalysts can help you take your HVO unit to the next level

Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) operators face increasing challenges in unit optimisation and aim to keep pace with the changing renewable feed market. Read the key takeaways from Shell Catalysts & Technologies' recent webinar.

Published on the 01 November 2022

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Digital Solutions to Advance the Energy Transition

In this report, Shell will share insights into the expertise it has gained in building upon its digital solution to support energy transition applications.

Published on the 01 May 2022

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Making every molecule matter: The technology journey

Learn how energy producers and resource holders can keep pace with the energy transition over the short, medium, and long term.

Published on the 01 September 2021

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A path to the future through holistic and integrated solutions

In this white paper, you will gain a glimpse into the collaborative mindset Shell Catalysts & Technologies adopts when approaching energy transition challenges.

Published on the 04 May 2021

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The Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

Helping heavy industries, refiners and resource holders to meet their net-zero-emission ambitions through the integration of proven technologies for affordable greenfield blue hydrogen production.

Published on the 01 March 2021

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Are You Sitting on Untapped Potential?

Has your reactor shown signs of fouling, high pressure drop, thermal maldistribution, or a shorter than expected cycle length? Learn how new reactor internals can be used to enhance profitability.

Published on the 30 October 2020

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Out of uncertainty come opportunity thriving in the new reality

Refinery operators are adopting a conservative approach to capital investment while preparing for changing energy trends ahead. Learn about the benefits of making strategic investments with a refinery revamp.

Published on the 01 September 2020

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Capturing Carbon Dioxide from Refinery Low- and High-Pressure Streams

This paper showcases two leading carbon-capture technologies that have established strong track records of reducing CO2 emissions cost-effectively in a wide range of industries.

Published on the 01 May 2019

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