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White papers: Honeywell UOP

Honeywell UOP is a multi-national company that develops and produces technology to the petroleum refining, petrochemical production and gas processing industries.

UOP produces physical products and technology products that provide knowledge and design. Its physical products tend to be items used within a refinery or petrochemical plant to help convert chemicals into a particular product. Technology products tend to be based on the ability to convert chemicals into other chemicals, refine crude oil, and separate chemicals.


Creating petrochemical opportunities through bottom of the barrel conversion (Middle East)

Globally, the demand for transportation fuels could reach its peak in the coming decade. Middle Eastern refiners are seeing demand growth for fuels soften, particularly for the export market, and demand growth for petrochemicals is increasing. Forward-looking refiners are branching out into petrochemicals to unlock new value and ensure continued profitable growth. The key to unlocking these opportunities in petrochemicals lies in stepwise investments in new process technology with advanced molecular management.

Published on the 17 February 2020

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Conquer the Challenges: How petroleum refineries can meet today’s challenges with improved performance catalysts

Process more challenging feeds and maintain or increase middle distillate yield and quality, with flexibility and cost containment.

Published on the 07 October 2019

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Increasing Unit Profitability by Improving Diesel Yields and Cloud Point

With changes to MARPOL specs & increases in diesel prices, this paper explains concepts for diesel refiners to consider and presents studies of UOP catalysts HC 120 and HC 425 to maximise production.

Published on the 29 July 2019

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Filling the Propylene Gap – Shaping the Future With On-Purpose Technologies

Global demand for propylene is continuing to rise and the market is projected to enjoy solid growth rates for the foreseeable future. With this increase, however, traditional sources of propylene no longer meet the demand. On-purpose propylene solutions are necessary to fill the propylene gap.

Published on the 20 May 2019

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