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Mastering Hose Selection in Your Facility

ON DEMAND- Hose failures are unfortunately a very common source of equipment downtime and can create significant safety risks, so it is important to treat hoses as critical equipment and handle their selection accordingly. This webinar will teach you how.

Hoses may seem like straightforward components, but choosing the right one for your applications is not always easy. Not all hoses are created equal – even hoses of similar construction – and hoses must be carefully matched to applications. Hoses will often fail or wear prematurely if they are not well suited for an application, and even properly selected hoses can fail if installed incorrectly.

Attend this presentation to learn the following:

  • How proper selection and installation can significantly increase hose life and reduce safety concerns within your facilities.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various hose types.
  • The importance of proper hose routing and how to do it correctly.
  • Why differences in hose construction techniques matter.

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