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Johnson Matthey opens electron Physical Science Imaging Centre

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Johnson Matthey has announced the opening of the new electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC) in Harwell’s Science and Innovation Campus.

ePSIC is a world class centre for the study of nanoscale materials and is a result of the unique collaboration launched in 2014 between Johnson Matthey, the University of Oxford and Diamond Light Source. The partnership represents industry, academia and a dedicated research facility coming together to provide unrivalled facilities for research across the physical sciences in the UK.

The state of the art facility will house Johnson Matthey’s new Atomic Resolution Microscope, an advanced electron microscope provided by JEOL UK, which will allow researchers to actually ‘see’ and analyse individual atoms within materials. This cutting edge technology significantly enhances the development of new materials.

By being able to analyse atoms individually in this way and through this unique collaboration with other leading research groups to develop the measurement technologies needed, Johnson Matthey’s scientists can understand how to design new and improved materials which in turn can be used to address key global challenges including clean air, zero emission transport and sustainable energy.

Projects are underway that will enable the enhanced design of new materials for catalytic converters to tackle emissions of harmful NOX from vehicles. Johnson Matthey’s scientists will also use the facility to provide insight to enable the development of improved materials to power electric cars and convert sunlight into energy.

Johnson Matthey’s new microscope at the ePSIC represents a multi-million pound investment by the company and is illustrative of its overall commitment to Research & Development. Johnson Matthey employs 1600 people focused purely on R&D and spent £188 million, or 6% of total sales, in 2015 - 2016 on R&D to develop new products and improving existing technologies.

Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey said: “R&D continues to be at the very heart of Johnson Matthey, even as the company enters its 200th year. We truly believe it’s a key driver of our success and the launch of the electron Physical Science Imaging Centre will provide a state of the art facility to enhance our science and technology capabilities. The partnership with the University of Oxford and Diamond Light Source demonstrates our focus on supporting world leading research and we look forward to working more closely together through the launch of this centre.”

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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