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Amminex technology, an emissions game changer

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A new technology, which reduces harmful NOx emissions from diesel buses, has been trialled successfully in London, with results suggesting it could save hundreds of lives annually if installed across the capital. The number of premature deaths caused by air pollution in London currently stands at an estimated 9500 each year, as researched by a study from Kings College London.

The ASDS™ technology, from Danish clean technology company Amminex, was tested by the bus operator Metroline, which holds a major contract with TfL. Metroline carried out the test on a seven year old Euro IV city bus operating in central London. The Amminex solution performed more than twice as well as the prevailing technology, reducing NOx emissions by 84% compared to the 32% reduction achieved by the standard configuration. The results were achieved with a simple swap of the additive system.

Ian Foster, Engineering Director of Metroline, said, “Using ASDS™, we more than doubled the NOx reduction on a relatively old Euro IV bus, bringing it below Euro V level without making any changes to the catalytic system. The technology has proven extremely stable in terms of daily operation over the course of 18 months regardless of outside temperature and driving conditions. Furthermore the use of ASDS™ has eliminated common reoccurring issues, such as the formation of solid deposits in the exhaust system.”

In London, pollutants leaving the tailpipes of the city’s more than 9000 primarily diesel powered buses are largely responsible for the failure of nearly all London boroughs to meet EU air pollution limits for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). It was revealed last month that just seven days into the New Year, London had already breached its 200 micrograms/m3 EU pollution limit for the whole of 2016.

The effectiveness of the prevailing technology is hampered by low speeds and low temperatures, conditions that do not affect the new Amminex solution.

The invisible and odorless, yet toxic, NO2 contributes heavily to the premature death of more than 9000 London residents each year, as well as causing respiratory health problems such as asthma and lung disease.

Research from David Carslaw of Kings College London suggests that Oxford Street has the highest ever recorded levels of NO2 on earth.

The impact of London’s bus fleet on emissions levels was highlighted by a 24 hour bus strike at the beginning of February last year, during which the daily NO2 concentration on Oxford Street fell from 172 micrograms/m3 - more than four times the legal limit of 40 micrograms/m3 – to 58 micrograms/m3.

Amminex has successfully retrofitted its ASDS™ solution on 300 buses operating in Copenhagen. Online emissions data transmitted from the buses show the solution is removing 95 - 99% of toxic NOx and NO2 from exhaust fumes.

Tue Johannessen, Chief Technology Officer for Amminex, said, “The London trial, as well as data from Copenhagen, shows that bus operators with Euro IV and V city buses in their fleet can capture a major NOx benefit with an efficient, low cost solution simply by replacing the prevailing technology with our solid ASDS™ technology. It is not necessary to get rid of diesel powered city buses – they just need the right emissions solution.”

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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