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US Energy Information Administration news


US LNG exports continue to grow

Since the US began exporting more natural gas than it imports on an annual basis in 2017, natural gas exports both by pipeline and as LNG have grown significantly.


EIA: ethane consumption continues to grow

Consumption of ethane has grown every year since 2010 in the US, and more ethane is now consumed in the country than either jet fuel or propane.


EIA: new pipelines to increase natural gas processing

In 2020 and 2021, more than 2000 miles of new liquids pipelines were brought into service. This expansion has allowed natural gas processing plants to process more natural gas and to ship the extracted Y-grade mix to fractionation plants, at low cost.


EIA: US propane prices have fallen

A mild start to this winter’s heating season has caused US propane prices to decline from the highest starting prices since 2014.