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Compressor Review: part four

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of the most advanced compressor technologies available in the downstream processing industry.


Reciprocating compressors with an extent up to 100 000 Nm3/hr of suction volume, 30 000 kW driving power and 1000 bar discharge pressure for natural and technical gas compression are ‘Made in Germany’ by NEUMAN & ESSER (NEA). The worldwide network of NEA engineering centres complete the compressor to skid mounted systems. A wide ranging product portfolio of sizes and construction configurations, operating as lube and non lube, are available to satisfy customer needs for tailored solutions according to API 618. Numerous simulations of operating parts ensure the longevity of the compressor in real time operation.

The modern and robust reciprocating compressor systems are in use in the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the natural gas and regenerative energy sectors. Especially customers in the demanding CO2 and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) markets appreciate this leading compression technology.

NEAC Compressor Service

The service provider, NEAC Compressor Service, completes the NEA product portfolio. With service centres around the globe, NEAC serves customers as a specialist for assembly, start up commissioning, repairs and modernisation. Solutions to minimise shutdowns and maintenance costs are worked out in technical consultations with customers. This guarantees maximum operating availability.

Comprehensive service with spare parts for reciprocating compressors of inhouse design and other brands ensure supply of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Today NEAC is the OEM service provider of NEA and 10 former product lines: Halberg, Linde, KSB, Erhardt & Sehmer, Demag, Mafa Wurzen, Chicago Pneumatic, GHH Esslinger high pressure compressors, Borsig for the former reciprocating compressor series built in Berlin until 1995, and Penn Process Compressors.


The topic of energy efficiency is being increasingly put to the fore. Therefore, NEA developed various flow control systems for reciprocating compressors. One of these systems is BLUESTROKE® optimising the efficiency of new machines; but it can also be retrofitted to compressors that are already installed.

With the performance adapted flow control BLUESTROKE®, the compressor’s electrical power consumption decreases linearly with a decreasing volume flow and vice versa. This considerably reduces the operation costs of the reciprocating compressor.

PDC Machines

PDC Machines is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that provides engineered solutions for specialty gas and chemical processing equipment worldwide. The company works closely with clients to design, fabricate, test, and commission custom made products from diaphragm compressors to alternative energy equipment, reactors, magnetic stirrers and syringe pumps.

Currently, PDC Machines is a 2nd generation family owned and operated business that is rooted in innovation, business discipline, fair pricing and a deep commitment to its employees, clients and the communities it serves.

The diaphragm compressors are ideal for compressing all types of gases where ultra high purity gas is required. PDC is experienced in handling industrial gases, rare, pyrophoric, toxic, synthetic, corrosive and gas mixtures. Standard and custom designed diaphragm compressors with a comprehensive assortment of options to meet any application can be provided. Discharge pressures range from 50 psi - 60 000 psi (3.4 bar - 4137 bar) and power consumption from 3 hp - 200 hp (2 kW - 150 kW) and flow rates based on compression ratio to over 3000 Nm3/h.

Its state of the art compressors are a top choice of industrial gas, research, chemical processing and renewable energy companies world wide due to its reputation for providing reliable compression systems with superb world class customer service and support, minimal maintenance requirements and with immediate spare parts availability.

PDC Machines has developed partnerships with the largest gas producers, researchers and technology companies to create and promote the growth of practical and commercial worldwide acceptance of hydrogen as an energy source for hydrogen fuel cell stations. Its compression equipment is found in demonstration and commercial installations worldwide for hydrogen refueling of cars, buses and material handling equipment. Today, PDC’s expertise in hydrogen fueling is demonstrated globally, with more than 180 compressors installed in hydrogen energy applications.

PDC is on the leading edge of engineering and manufacturing methods used for 350 and 700 bar gas compression to enable commercialised solutions to take hold in the emerging marketplace. PDC also provide 900 bar and 1000 bar solutions for specialised applications.

PDC Machines will be showcasing its diaphragm compression technology at the 44th Turbomachinery & 31st International Pump Symposia at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas, on 15 - 17 September 2015 at booth 3120.

Petrotech, Inc.

With over 40 years of experience and over 2500 state of the art installations, Petrotech is a trusted expert in the design, installation, and maintenance of rotating machinery and process control systems.

Petrotech provides an extensive range of products and engineering services for rotating machinery and plant control system upgrades, mechanical retrofits, standalone control products and new equipment solutions for turbomachinery industry OEMs.

Centrifugal and axial compressors

Petrotech provides a comprehensive suite of compressor control solutions, designed to provide the end user with a wide range of adaptable compressor control and protection capabilities.

Over the past four decades, Petrotech has developed numerous compressor anti surge and capacity control algorithms that can be hosted in many different control systems. The anti surge system algorithms provide pressure, temperature and molecular weight correction strategies, adaptive control and anticipation strategies and contingency strategies for transmitter failures. The capacity control system algorithms provide customers the ability to operate their compressor systems without constant operator interaction and provide solutions to minimise energy consumption.

Petrotech compressor solutions are classified as:

  • Anti surge control.
  • Station level capacity control.
  • Multi compressor load sharing or turndown control.
  • Complete driver control.

Petrotech also provides flexible and integrated retrofit solutions for reciprocating engine, electric motor and turbine driven compressors. Its systems can include speed control, torque control, pocket loader control, air/fuel ratio control, ignition timing set point generation, gas fuel control, capacity control, DCS/SCADA interface and a graphic operator interface for the visualisation and display of system status, trending and data logging.

With its open architecture, flexible and modular design, Petrotech’s control systems can be customised to meet the requirements of every compressor type.

Its turnkey services include engineering design and project management (software and hardware), instrumentation, control panel fabrication, site I&E services, commissioning, startup and all aftermarket and training services.

In Petrotech’s peer group of turbomachinery control system companies, the company provides the most innovative solutions for unusual and difficult control challenges.

The company's facilities include full service offices in New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Suffolk, UK, as well as support offices in all major regions of the world.

An extract from the Compressor Review, which featured in the August 2015 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering.

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