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Kazakhstan looks to ‘Future Energy’ with EXPO 2017

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This week, the formal countdown to the ‘Future Energy’ EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan will begin, as we receive the official flag of the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris. The global event will see representatives from over 100 nations coming to our capital city of Astana to showcase clean and green energy technology and promote its use worldwide.

It would be easy to dismiss our EXPO as an exhibition that lasts just a few months, or even dismiss ‘Future Energy’ as a fashionable theme for a major oil producer to trumpet. But the reality is that it is a symbol of our nation’s determination to pursue green development and play our full part in promoting sustainability around the world.

Domestically, Kazakhstan has already set itself a target of meeting at least half of its energy needs from alternative and renewable sources by 2050. We believe there is huge potential to develop wind and solar power in our country as well as to cut energy waste. We are also investing heavily in building a green technology sector to diversify and ‘future proof’ our economy, creating new high tech, high value employment and attracting fresh investment.

Internationally, we see EXPO 2017 as a key part of our Green Bridge initiative to bring together governments, international organisations and private business to find solutions to sustainable growth. We have to be ambitious in creating partnerships to share technology and best practice with countries throughout the world, no matter what their stage of development. This is why I hope you will join us at EXPO 2017.

Written by Erlan Idrissov, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and edited by Elizabeth Corner

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