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Pumps, Valves and Seals Review: Part three

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of some of the most advanced pumps, valves and seals technologies available within the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals processing industry.

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Pump and system manufacturer Lewa is a world leader in the field of diaphragm pumps. The company recently introduced a new size of its process diaphragm pump, Lewa Triplex, at ACHEMA 2015.

Analysing the customers’ requirements related to process pumps’ capacity and footprint, the company established the Triplex G3M in its product portfolio. The G3M closes the loop between the existing sizes G3G and G3R and is particularly economical due to its high efficiency and very compact monoblock design. Up to 30% of weight and footprint can be saved. Thus, it is suitable for applications with extremely small installation space, e.g. on offshore platforms.

The Lewa Triplex process diaphragm pump is now available in new size G3M.

Due to its very robust, weatherproof and temperature resistant construction, it is applicable in rough environments. With a rod force of 125 kN, the G3M drive unit transforms the rotary movement into an oscillating movement, achieving a maximum power of 160 kW.

Lewa Triplex has already proved itself in various high pressure applications in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, the food industry or the energy sector. All Triplex types feature Lewa’s proven diaphragm pump head technology, including the patented PTFE sandwich diaphragm and a diaphragm protection system. Furthermore, the Triplex series runs very smoothly and realises a low pulsation flow rate. The pumps comply with globally applicable standards such as API 675, VDMA 24284 and 24286-10.

As solution provider and system integrator, Lewa offers various valves and connection geometries and integrates its pumps in complete skids, systems or packages. The manufacturer has special expertise in the design of chemical injection packages for the oil and gas industry, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methanol or glycol injection packages. With 16 subsidiaries, representatives in over 80 countries and a global project management, Lewa distributes its products to customers around the world. With the now expanded process pump range, Lewa can even better meet the needs of each specific application.

Nikkiso Cryo, Inc.

Nikkiso Cryo, Inc. (NCI), located in North Las Vegas, Nevada, is a leading supplier of cryogenic submerged electric motor pumps used in the liquefied gas industry. NCI’s innovative designs have resulted in the first application of high pressure pumps for use on regasification LNG carriers, the first and only cryogenic pumps installed on an LNG GBS, compact high flow pumps for the world’s largest FPSO under construction, as well as compact, higher speed pumps used for a variety of LNG, LPG and other applications.

NCI’s original technologies have led to an increase in reliability that is unmatched by any other supplier, with submerged motor cryogenic pumps operating up to 40 000 hours before maintenance is required.

By applying advanced technology to the pump hydraulics, NCI has developed a compact, high flow design that can be applied to the latest FPSO vessels for cargo offloading in a removable configuration to allow for removal of the pump for maintenance without the need to gas free the tanks. The design includes an advanced inducer design with a very high suction specific speed to allow the liquid level to be pumped down to an extremely low level.

Nikkiso Cryo has recently acquired the JC Carter cryogenic pump company and is proud to be able to provide aftermarket services and parts for all existing JC Carter pump users. The technology developed by JC Carter is being merged with the Nikkiso Cryo design and will result in an advanced design that not only provides high reliability but high efficiency and low pumpdown capabilities.

Severn Glocon Group

Severn Glocon Group’s pioneering valve technologies and technical services are rooted in more than 50 years’ experience of engineering and manufacture. For oil and gas operators the brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability.

The group’s dedicated R&D specialists tackle existing and emerging technical issues head on. It delivers progressive and cost effective solutions for optimum valve performance in severe, critical and extreme service applications. Whether designing valves for a new plant or solutions to improve valve performance in existing plant, the company can overcome the most complex and challenging production demands.

SPIRES system valve.

A Repair Intelligence™ process uniquely drawing on three decades of control and choke valve performance data is the nucleus of these advanced engineering services. Insights gained from historic valve failures are applied in the development of bespoke engineered solutions that enhance long term performance.

New valve technologies

Technologies recently released by Severn Glocon Group include the Sealant Pressure Injection Reserve Endurance System (SPIRES®, patent pending). This emergency sealant solution enables damaged butterfly valves in critical applications to be repaired without removal from the line.

The technology, which was validation tested by Saudi Aramco in 2014, mitigates risk of leakage following damage to a butterfly valve’s primary seal caused by abrasive particles. It involves an emergency sealant system as a fundamental design feature of the valve. Should the primary seal fail, a secondary sealant is injected into a runner behind the disc to compensate for any seat leakage when the valve is set to ‘closed’ position. Tests show that bubble tight shut off can be achieved, even if the seat is badly damaged, avoiding the need for unplanned downtime.

In addition to the design and manufacture of new valves, Severn Glocon Group delivers intelligence led valve management and associated established plant services. Innovative valve retrofits involving the development of new trims and other internal components can allow operators to overcome performance issues or handle changing production requirements within a tight timeframe.

Downstream challenges

Energy industry operators are facing unprecedented technical and commercial challenges. These translate into ever more demanding specifications and requirements for valves. When production or logistics challenges look set to reach a deadlock, Severn Glocon Group finds a way forward.

Part four will be available soon.

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